Napier costume jewelry voor sjaal

Napier costume jewelry voor sjaal

Napier vintage costume jewelry uit de jaren 80 in goudkleur met roze emaille accenten. Prachtig gemaakt met chirurgisch staal. Bedoeld om een sjaaltje doorheen te halen, maar je zou er ook een kettinghanger van kunnen maken.

In prima staat! lengte plm 3 cm


Geinteresseerd? Stuur een DM via instagram, of laat een bericht achter.

About Napier

Founder (s): Whitney and Rice Company Attleboro, MA USA 1876 -Okay this gets a bit complicated as this company has been around for some time and has had a few name and location changes. Napier is one of the oldest jewelry companies in the United States, however the contemporary jewelry signed Napier, probably has very little in common with the jewelry produced by Whitney and Rice. Whitney and Rice was founded as a silver manufacturing company. They produced watches mostly. In 1882- 1883 the company was sold and the name was changed to Carpenter and Bliss and then again to E. A. Bliss and Company. [E.A. Bliss and J.E. Carpenter].  The company experienced above average growth and soon moved from MA to Meriden, Connecticut. In 1920 James Napier became president of the still growing company.  The name was changed to Napier Bliss Co. In 1922 the name was changed yet again to Napier Company. The company continued to thrive under Mr. Napier until his retirement in the 1960s.  Napier was sold in the 1990s. In 1999 the Meridian office/plant was closed.  Napier jewelry was being produced by the Jones Apparel Group and although very successful, the jewelry lacks the quality of the older pieces.  I checked the Jones Apparel website on January 14, 2007 and while Napier is still listed you can no longer click on the provided link. I have read that Jones Apparel stopped producing Napier jewelry and perhaps this explains the link. Further research required!  Speaking of research,  a member of the Jewel Collect online forum that I belong to is writing a book about this wonderful company. The book should go a long way to clear up some of the questions about Napier. The older pieces and the sterling silver pieces are sought after and very collectable.  Many hallmarks were used.

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