Avon verzameling vintage parfum flesjes

Avon verzameling novelty parfum flesjes

Diverse oude parfumflesjes gemaakt door Avon in de jaren 60 en 70. Decoratieve items die gevuld waren met Eau de Cologne, aftershave, zeep, pomander of luchtverfrissers, sommige met parfum maar de meeste in deze verzameling zijn leeg.

De prijzen verschillen per flesje, klik op de foto’s om te vergroten.

  • Porcelain pig pomander 1978. €17,50
  • Colonge pretty girl pink ca 1974. €12,-
  • Aftershave pijp flesje glas vintage 1970s, halfvol. €17,50

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Avon Geschiedenis

Avon’s first product was the Little Dot Perfume Set. By the end of the first year of business, the company had a line of nearly 20 different fragrances. In 1902, the company was selling a full range of cosmetics. In 1931, 11 products received the coveted Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. The first “novelty” decanters were sold in the 1960s. The collectible glass car decanters appeared in 1968. Over the years, the whimsical decanters featured themes ranging from animals and flowers to planes and trains.

For decades, Avon relied solely on catalog sales through their network of representatives. The first TV commercial for Avon appeared in 1954 with the famous “Ding Dong! Avon calling!” tagline. In the 1990s, Avon launched a campaign to raise awareness for breast cancer by selling “pink ribbon” items.

Avon’s direct-marketing system was developed by Mrs. P.F.E. Albee in 1886. It was the first of its kind. As Mrs. Albee sold perfumes door-to-door, she recruited a team of saleswomen. Direct-marketing offered women a chance to work outside the home in an era when they had few opportunities to do so. The company’s first catalog appeared in 1896 with no illustrations. The first full color catalog was issued in 1905.

the history of Avon products

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